Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Very Interesting..

We're all aware (I assume?) of the recent vaccine court concession and Senator McCain’s remarks on Autism and vaccines??

David Kirby had an interesting chat with Don Imus yesterday morning.

One particular blip caught my eye:

"DK: I believe there are several things in our environment that can trigger several different types of conditions and predisposition's that ultimately manifest in symptoms we diagnose as autism. Whether it truly is classic autism or not, if it's your kid, you don't really care.

IMS: What are they?

DK: It may be genetics, (or) because of mitochondrial health, in other words, cellular energy, (or) because of a pre-existing autoimmune condition, or an allergic condition. Given any set of those conditions, and then getting any set of triggers -- mercury in vaccines, the number and type of vaccines we're giving now, pollution in the air, pesticides, flame retardants or even just viruses, perhaps. But if a kid is set up for regression... whatever gets there first, I'm talking hypothetically, but, whatever gets there first may set off the regression."

BINGO!! Whatever gets there first may set off the regression in a kid that is set up for regression [due to genetic susceptibilities]. Once again, "one size fits all" is a very dangerous path to take..


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