Friday, February 29, 2008

Things that made my day today...

Salamander getting accepted into an 'extra credit' after school science program (YEAH!!!! The kiddo LOVES science, and he is sooo excited..)

Salamander's creative solution to the age old sport of 'school lunch swapping.'
Due to his specific and extensive dietary needs, he cannot swap any foods with his class mates. BUT, in his own way, he figured out a 'work around'. He always has a box of raisins in his school lunch for a quick snack. Well, apparently he's been swapping HIS box of raisins with boxes of raisins that his school mates have been bringing in... the EXACT same brand (as NOT all brands of boxed raisins are gluten free..). How do I know he's been swapping? First, he brought back FOUR boxes of raisins today (the loot for the week, I venture to guess.. LOL), and the pictures on the back of the boxes are different than the pics that can be found on MY stash!!!!!

GOOD FOR HIM!!!!! This kiddo will do just fine....


At 5:42 PM, February 29, 2008 , Anonymous Cheryl G said...

Mister Smarty Pants! (Just like his Mom :-) Good for him!


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