Friday, February 29, 2008

My horoscope for today....

Earlier this week I commented on my general feelings when it comes to horoscopes....But that still didn't stop me from checking out today's. And it's a beaut!!!

You have certainly felt better than you do today, dear XXX, and it's likely that you're running on aspirin and antacids. The sour stomach and headache you are feeling are simply the result of a recent overindulgence. Don't worry, you'll be fit as a fiddle by tomorrow morning. Next time someone offers you a third helping, however, you might want to consider declining!


Uhm, excuse me while I go reassure my neighbors that I have NOT succumed to that long overdue fit of hysteria after all...

OK, men in white jackets have been called off.

The last time I 'overindulged' as implied above was on a Friday evening in ..... early September 2007!!!

Oh yeah, recent ........ NOT!!!


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