Saturday, March 01, 2008

Your kid taking too much of your time and energy?

Now there's Obay....

Now let this be understood. I am not making fun of the fact that there are kids out there with serious medical and mental problems who DO need medication to get through life, nor am I blind to the fact that there are kids out there who need help and are not getting the help they need.
But medicating kids HAS become a quick fix for issues that easily could be addressed otherwise.. through diet, through supplements and yes, through some plain ole' 'getting mom and dad's full and undivided TIME, ATTENTION and LOVE'.
Raising kids is a full time commitment for, oh at least, 18 years, frequently longer. And it's not easy. But remember, YOU made the decision to have kids, THEY didn't ask to be put on this planet. And if you can't commit to giving your kids your all, then don't have them. Period.


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