Sunday, March 02, 2008

Going to have to take a break

from the Age of Autism blog for a bit....

While I adore the people 'behind the scenes' and believe that AoA was conceived with the best of intentions (and man, there are some really GOOD writers posting on that blog), over the past couple of weeks the general tone has turned more and more toward "the government purposely "F"-ed up our kids, continues to do so, but our day will come that we can burn the a$$holes at the stake" zealotry, and anti-vaccine tabloid style rhetoric (and this is obviously entirely MY perception; but after checking in with a few fellow 'autism warriors' they acknowledged having similar feelings..).

Which is really too bad, as in my opinion, going the 'angry screaming mob' route is taking away from the messages that needs to be communicated to the mainstream media, and the public at large, which are:

"Point one: A lot of our kids are ill, very ill. And the illness they suffer from is a multi factorial biochemistry disorder that presents itself as a complex and confusing array of neuropsychiatric/behavioral SYMPTOMS called 'autism'. And while 'autism' may not be curable (a lot of biochemistry disorders are not curable), the underlying biochemistry disorder sure is treatable. And lo and behold, once you start treating the underlying biochemistry problems, the neuropsychatiric/behavioral symptoms lessen or disappear.

Point two: There is a marked increase in the amount of kids being ill. Why is that happening? Genetic epidemics don't happen. So there must be other factors in play. And we MUST determine what those factors are, sooner rather than later.

Point three: The current vaccination schedule is NOT a one size fits all. Too many parents report of too many problems in too many kids. We MUST understand which subset of kids may be susceptible to adverse events, we MUST understand what these adverse events are, and then we MUST make serious efforts developing vaccines that are safe for that susceptible population as well. And parents MUST be allowed the freedom to modify the vaccination schedule as best suits their particular child's needs."

OK, getting off my soap box now. The sun is shining and I am in need of some serious stimulation of my dopamine receptors... LOL

Peace out


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