Friday, April 18, 2008

I do not like Friday mornings, I do not, I do not, I do not ....

It's when a major 'transition' occurs in this house, and inevitably I have to work 4 times as hard to keep the boyos focused on following the usual routine involved in getting ready for school, and inevitably, Salamander barely get ready on time, and inevitably, Salamander leaves the house disorganized and not as calm and collected as he needs to be for the school day ahead (Potatey is more flexible and more able to self regulate, so deviations from the usual affect him a whole lot less)

I can't fault the boyos, they do get terribly excited, and I want them to be excited about spending time with 'the other party involved'... it would be nice though if the other party showed a little more understanding for the need to stick to 'the usual school morning routine' instead of turning Friday mornings into one big, free-for-all party (uhm, how about doing that AFTER school on Fridays?). And then of course I'm the evil witch for shooting my little space rangers down from the stratosphere and bringing them back to Planet Earth....(don't think I haven't tried moving the 'transition' to AFTER school on Fridays...).

Off to get my work day started.. yesterday was not a good one for me.. I just couldn't get back on the crazy roller coaster, no matter how hard I tried. But today I'm climbing back on the crazy horse.. with spurrs on..

Oh, one more thing. WHAT is with all the articles and other 'publications' floating around all of the sudden linking autism and meta/mito dysfunction? I understand the trigger (the Polling case), but really folks, this is NOT new information. Maybe because I've lived the meta/mito stuff for a long time already and can tie the ebb and flow of 'autistic symptoms' to when, especially Salamander's, metabolic/mitochondrial cycles go to pot?

I just hope that the, almost manic, focus on meta/mito dysfunction is not turning into the next 'mercury'. What I am trying to say is that, for most kids with ASD, there is not ONE trigger that makes the autistic disorder manifest. It's many cascading triggers. Is an underlying susceptibilty to meta/mito dysfunction a huge piece of the puzzle? Absolutely. And it's probaby this suspeptibilty to meta/mito dysfunction that makes the kids so sensitive to environmental toxins, to viral overload, to bacterial overload. It is however ALL those pieces that need to be addressed in treating what is referred to as 'autism'. I just hope that parents, who so far have not been able to achieve the improvements they are looking for in their kids, don't en-masse jump on the 'we need to treat the kids as if they have a mito/meta disorder' bandwagon....

Please don't abandon what you already may have in place (diet, gut treatments, anti virals, detoxification protocols, etc); ADD the meta/mito piece to what you may already be doing. But trust me, the typical 'recommendations' for meta/mito which involve HIGH doses of B complex, high doses of CoQ10 and high doses of L-carnitine are not going to get you the results you want (been there, done that)...

For my two, I am getting much better results with small doses of a lot of different supplements targeted toward addressing all of the blocks they have in all the various metabolic pathways. Of course this approach requires knowing what those blocks are and how to work around them. And for my two, I found those answers in Dr. Amy Yasko's research..


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