Sunday, April 20, 2008

In Rough Waters..

Salamander has not been doing well, not at all. Poor kiddo in fact is quite ill. Not sure (yet) what is going on. Part of it may be the 'usual' mid April - mid May downturn (seasonal allergies?), part of it may 'just' a simple spring cold, part of it may be detox (as I posted a couple of days ago, Salamander showed elevated Bismuth in his most recent UTM.. yes, yes, another UTM will go in either tomorrow or Tuesday). 'It' is probably a combo of all of the above, and, are having their 'usual' effects on his metabolism (aka everything comes to a grinding HALT).

I have to say though, as testimony to how far he's come, that any 'autistic behavior' effects have been quite minimal and, overall, quite manageable. He is actually quite 'good' about explaining to those around him that are getting in his face a bit too much (read: younger brother) that he's 'not feeling good', that his 'brain feels like it's doing a jungle dance in my head', that 'all my muscles and bones hurt', and that he 'just wants to be alone'. And I am very, very PROUD of Salamander to be able to say all of this, while staying reasonably calm. Previously, he would just have screamed, thrown things, pinched, scratched, bit, spit, etc... (and truth be told, we did have a little of that late yesterday afternoon.. but it was of short duration and intensity.. ).

Right now, he's taking a nice long soak in a hot bath... It's amazing the effect water has on this child (and I've heard many a parent of a child with 'autism' comment on this). And I'm just keepihg him company... just to let him know that he's not alone in all this (he's not in a very talkative mood, and that's just fine)...

[Potatey is off doing stuff with his dad.. so at least I don't have to worry for a bit about him feeling ignored and left out.. Potatey got upset earlier this morning when it become clear that Salamander was not able to be in the same room, let alone play, with him.... it's been a while since we've seen Salamander like this, and all though as I said, Salamander is going a stellar job communicating his needs, Potatey's feelings got hurt ...]

Oh, two recent Age of Autism posts that I think will be worthwhile the read...
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Salamander wants to come out of the tub.. Catch ya all later...


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