Thursday, April 24, 2008


captures quite well how I feel today....

I have this impeding feeling of doom, and this feeling has been with me since I got up bright and early (4.45 am) this morning.... I can't put my finger on the what, when, how or why.. but I know something is coming.... (and the feeling only got magnified when Salamander had a full fledged meltdown this morning.. having to do with the fact that we really haven't had any good, solid, one-on-one time this month as my work schedule has been so busy.. especially this week has been insane, and I've had to shuttle the poor guy to too many different places, it being vacation week and all that..).

The wave is bearing down on me and there is nothing I can do to get 'out of the way'. All I can do is take a really deep breath and brace for impact.. I'm a good swimmer, so I will have to put faith in the fact that, this time too, I'll claw my way back to the surface...(but if anybody wants to throw me a life jacket or a PFD, I won't say no.....).
Call the Coast Guard if I don't resurface in the next few days OK?


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