Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crawling Back Out Of The Pit....

I'm hangin' in.. sorta, kinda...

This post made me feel a little better (can't explain exactly why.. maybe because it speaks so well to the roller coaster we find ourselves on constantly, as parents of kids on the spectrum).

Then there was some other stuff too, which I will try to talk about later..

Bottom line? Christmas is such a weird season for most of us. There's so much hope and joy, and there is so much sadness....

1.30 pm Update:
I should have titled this post: "Clawing Back Out of the Pitt.. One Friggin' Little Inch At A time". It's been quite a morning out here...Stories you hear about spectrum kiddos pitching a tantrum in the car while mom is driving? As in screaming, throwing things, banging windows, kicking chairs, cussing up a storm? Yup... just went through one of those. I know why it happened, and I'm working on 'the course correction' (think Saturday afternoon's sledding accident). Still didn't make it fun while it was happening. And as Salamander is soooo much bigger and stronger now since the (long ago) last time this happened.. Oy... (yup, I definitely feel the adrenaline pumping..)

Welcome to the Roller Coaster from Hell (once again..)


At 4:05 PM, December 23, 2008 , Blogger Renee said...

I can so relate to the roller coaster. Last night I was crying, today I'm laughing. Still terrified of the Christmas festivities at my parents' house. The one thing that really helps is knowing that we're not alone on the ride.

Last Friday we were trying to leave Whole Foods when Michael decided to throw the biggest tantrum ever. So, we were in the parking lot, me trying to calm him down and get him in the car seat. Him screaming at the top of his lungs "No, Mommy! No!" over and over again. It was so nice to have an entire store full of holiday shoppers watching.

The good news for you? At least it's long enough between episodes that there is a noticable gap! I can't complain too much though.. it's getting to be 2-3 months between these for us. That's a big improvement!

We can handle this.. we're strong!


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