Monday, December 22, 2008

Need A Little Somethin' For Me..

Now THIS -IS- COOL!!!!

I think momma's gonna get one of these for herself....

Momma so needs a 'pick me up'... Momma is having a really crappy day.. and momma is stuck in her own head.. with an ugly voice that keeps saying 'You're not good enough. No matter what you do, it's not making a difference. You are a failure. And while you may think you are a good mother, you are not.'

I get a visit from that voice every once and while. And typically I can shut 'it' up. But not today (hormones? after shocks?)


Maybe a quick soak (translation - crying fit) in the shower will help. Potatey will be coming home off the bus in about 20 minutes (so it won't be a very long shower), and he and I will have 'just us' time until about 5.45 pm for the first time in 3+ weeks (as a certain other someone has been put on duty to get Salamander to his Lindamood Bell session today and tomorrow - hey, that certain someone's in town, that certain someone gets put to work!!). Potatey needs that alone time with me, -I- need that alone time with him. But I am worrying about Salamander...


At 12:11 AM, December 23, 2008 , Blogger K Fuller said...

Winnie the Pooh to Christopher Robbin...(and you)...
There is something you must always remember.
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think...

Tell your inner doubting voice to quiet down and leave you alone. Then, go back and read about all that you do and know that you are FAB!


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