Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Advisory..

The first snow flake was sighted at 1.50 pm, and now, 10 minutes later, it is already snowing like a biotch... Good thing that it finally started. The anticipation and potential disappointment of NOT getting snow was starting to tear Salamander to pieces (his language towards the weather forecasters, and Mother Nature in general, was getting increasingly, well, "unkind'... LOL)

UPDATED at 1.15 pm
STILL NO SNOW. Boys are getting PISSED. I actually don't mind the delay, means that the bulk will probably fall during late afternoon/early eve. Will make the clean-up so much easier.
Something is coming our way though.. Salamander has been acting kooky all day....

UPDATED at 10.30 am on Friday:
It's 10.30 am, and no snow flake sightings yet. I am sure things will get intense in a few hours, but really, all the panic yesterday was sooo NOT necessary (newsflash - this is NE. It is supposed to snow here during the winter.). School cancellation messages for today went out at 2 pm yesterday afternoon!! Stores were crazy (think food fight), roads were crazy with insane people (take a chill pill, folks. Driving around waiting cars to run through an intersection while you can HEAR ambulance sirens approaching is so NOT cool. WTF is so important that you can't wait 30 bloody seconds?).

Salamander and I made it safety back and forth to Norwell for his daily Lindamood-Bell sessions (I have to do an Ode to Lindamood-Bell post; the instructors and the programs are just so incredibly awesome!!!) while the wonderful and amazing Mrs. C.R entertained Potatey.

Right now, the boys have rearranged the living room and are re-enacting the Storming of the Beach at Normandy (I am not joking). I am going to make a pot of coffee and then finish decorating my Christmas tree (while diving and dodging to evade grenades and shells that are being lobbed my way.. LOL).

I have parked my snow shovels at my backdoor (I have a habit of leaving utensils like that in my detached garage, where they will do me NO GOOD if I first have to wade through a foot of snow to get them). My car is parked in the garage. My neighbors have already told me that they'll help me plow out when it's all over (me and a snow blower? Really, really, really BAD idea.).

We are READY for whatever may come our way. And where ever you are and what ever the predictions in your area may be. Be safe, be warm. See you on the other end.


Some wintery weather is on its way... we're in the predicted 10 - 12 inch snow accumulation zone.. we'll see...

I'll try to blog a bit more later tonite and over the next few days. BUT if no posts go up, well, we're either working on digging ourselves out again, or we're outside playin'...



At 12:06 PM, December 19, 2008 , Blogger K Fuller said...

We have had freezing weather for days now, but I could not handle Snow! Nick would like nothing better than having school cancelled for a snow day. I hope you all are warm and safe. I am happy to hear that you are still working on your tree! My husband finished ours last night, I just could not get it done!
Our Daughter will be home from College today so all will be right with the world!

Wishing you Peace


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