Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm '08

Sometimes I DO live under a rock (comes with the territory..) and I never realized how HARD almost all of New England has been hit by the ice storm/torrential rains until very late last night when I caught a snippet of the news.

We are fine. We got very lucky. While we did have torrential downpours, and while part of our town did flood, it was all at the 'annoyance stage'.. TG my new sump pump system kept up.. I do have a few puddles in my basement, but nothing I can't handle. And while driving in the torrential downpours back and forth between here and Norwell was anything but fun, we made it without getting into significant trouble.

We have heat, we have water, we have electricity. We're good. We got very very lucky, as 30 minutes to the North and West, everything is covered under a thick layer of ice; 30 minutes to the South, people had to be evacuated from their homes due to flooding.

My heart goes out to all those people that are caught in this mess...


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