Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Admit It..

I am total WIMP when it comes to cold temperatures. Sure, I LOVE playing in the snow.. but I dress accordingly (think Mrs. Michelin..). And I am always glad to drag my frozen butt back inside the house after a couple of hours so I can defrost...

Typically, when I'm the only one in the house, I will keep the heating thermostat at 60 F (hey, my gas bills are MONSTERS, so I do what I can to keep the heating bills in check). And typically it'll stay about 65 - 66 F in the house (not my preferred temp, but I manage...).

It has been really really cold out here these past few days, and, well, keeping the thermostat at 60 F resulted in 60 F in the house. BRRRRRR.

And I friggin' REFUSE to dress like Mrs. Michelin INSIDE my house. So I caved and bumped my thermostat to a toasty 65 F...(and my various frozen and achy body parts started signing "Hallelujah"...)

Yes, I am a WIMP when it comes to cold temperatures. Well, I AM allowed a few weaknesses, am I not?


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