Saturday, December 13, 2008

So PROUD of my two....

So today is Day 14.....and oh my, my boys have done so well and have shown so much growth during this time...

Today, they played up in the Rumpus Room (our finished attic, 3 floors up) TOGETHER for 40 minutes!!! Not a cross word was spoken, no terrified or angry "MOM" screams, no me having to run up the stairs full tilt boogie to prevent blood shed.

They wanted to play up in the attic and I couldn't come up with them at the particular time they chose to play. I explained WHY I couldn't come up and that they had two choices. They could wait until I could come up, or they could go up by themselves (I took a chance here.. I do realize that..)

They chose to go up. As long as the connecting doors could stay wide open so they could yell down if they really needed me (WHOOSH went my furnace.. oh (h)(w)ell...).

They played, and they played and they played. I crept up to the 2nd floor a few times and just listened... and the pretend play that was going on was just AWESOME!!!!

And then after 40 minutes they decided they wanted to be downstairs, with me. So they cleaned up their toys, and shut off lights and closed doors as they came down.. (they did this on their own.. no prompting or reminding from me).

I gave them an extended round of applause as they both came down the stairs. They gave me a funny look, but they 'got it' when I explained why...

I am SO PROUD of my two.... they have come a long long LONG way...


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