Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can't "Go There"..

There is an enormous amount of traffic on the web right now regarding the decisions issued today by the Autism Omnibus Court, as well as the Sky Walker Autism Murder Case.
And while I have my opinions and thoughts around both, I just can't go there. If you feel so inclined you can pop over to the Age of Autism site and read all about it.

Truthfully? Neither the decisions, nor the murder case will change anything that I have done, am doing or will do for MY boys.


At 10:57 AM, February 13, 2009 , Anonymous navywifeandmom said...

Me either. I have all the proof I need that I am doing the right things for my own child under my own roof. I don't need a court decision and the stories of people I have never met to influence me. I have the proof of a healthier, happier daughter as testament that biomed is right for her, and I have the fact that my delayed and very selectively vaxed younger kiddos are much healthier and fight illnesses MUCH better than both their fully vaxed NT and ASD older sister ever did as proof that I am on the right track in that department.

I have no "proof" that vaccines caused Pumpkin Pie's problems but she does have obvious immune dysfunction and the shots probably did hurt her more than they helped her.

What kills me is that a bunch of moms on the birth boards at babycenter were all saying that they were glad that the court ruled the way it did and hopefully more people will vaccinate now@@. Umm, it's court, people. All their decision means is that the government prevented more compelling evidence than the parents did. They seem to forget that OJ Simpson was found innocent and that there are plenty of innocent people in our prisons.

I blogged a little bit about the Sky Walker murder case and will write more later my thoughts on it. As it stands the kids are out of school and today is Pumpkin Pie's sixth birthday so I am going to be making an SCD-legal birthday cake with almond flour.

At 2:47 PM, February 13, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

Hey - thanks for dropping in, I'll visit over on your site later today.

Congrats to Pumpkin - I'm sure that cake will come out marvelous, I LOVE almond flour!!!

And amen to what you said; or as I like to say 'proof, pudding (GFCFSFEFNT etc etc, thank you very much).'

People have asked me, after the Hannah Poling case hit mainstream news, 'S has a mitochondrial dysfunction too, do you think it's caused by vaccines. Are you gonna sue too?'
And my answer has been "I don't know, and no I am not." I have no proof whatsoever that vacccines were either cause of had anything to do with what happened to him. Knowing what I know about his underlying genetic polymorphisms, I am sure (but that's opinion) that they didn't help, especially not considering the fact that he got 99% of his shots while he was sicker than a dog.

And even if I could show clear causality, I am not sure I'd sue. The whole vaccine injury system is a joke. Why would I waste precious time, money, emotional resources that I can put to much better use (and again, that may be perceived as cowardace, and not 'supporting the greater mission', so be it)

As to those airhead mommies on those baby center boards? I just hope, for their children's sake, that they may never find themselves in our shoes. Personally, considering all the conversations I've had over these past few days, if anything, these decisions have resulted in even more people asking questions. Popular media has done us a favor, I think, in that now almost everybody realizes that there are questions as to whether or not vaccines can cause harm. Which so far has allowed me to say 'educate yourself, do your reseach before you decide to vaccinate. Vaccination is a medical procedure. You would research any other medical procedure you'd subject your child to before actually doing it, wouldn't you' a heck of a lot more than I typically do.

In the end, people DO realize more and more that our kids these days are much much much sicker than kids of previous generations, and they are starting to look for answers. Vaccines is just one piece of the answer.

At 11:14 PM, February 13, 2009 , Anonymous navywifeandmom said...

You know, I don't even know why I visit "mainstream" parenting sites like that. I rarely ever post, just lurk. The due date clubs and birth boards are the worst. 80% of those women are so airheaded and dingy and want sunshine and roses blown up their hineys. You would be surprised how many women on forums like that think that autism is not a big deal because it "cannot kill your child". I swear, I could scream the number of times I have seen that comment.

They carry on and on about what color to decorate their unborn child's nursery (like a newborn baby is even going to give a rat's ASS about whether the nursery is green with little yellow duckies or Robin's Egg Blue with teddy bears cavorting around on the curtains or even REMEMBER what his nursery looked like) and plan these elaborate first birthday parties with ice sculptures and caterers and all this junk that AGAIN, does not matter and their child will never remember, but they turn around and make fun of the "crunchy" women who actually have the NERVE to question our doctors on anything related to childbirth and parenting and not take everything that "the Man" says at face value. It kills me that they worry more about what games to play at their baby showers than they do about how their medical decisions can affect their child's health and call those of us who do worry about those things irresponsible and negligent.

There was a post a few weeks ago from a mom who was expecting her first child. She has a severely autistic brother and is terrified of it happening to her child. Anyways, she was concerned about possible mercury in the Rhogam shots (she's RH-) and she asked if there are Rhogam shots without mercury (there are, they do exist). Well, good grief, all the other mothers on there jumped all over her ass as if she had just murdered her unborn child by osmosis for even QUESTIONING the prenatal Rhogam shot. And of course the standard snarky "which would you rather have, a dead kid or an autistic kid" kick in the face remark was made to her. SHE. NEVER. SAID. SHE. WAS. GOING. TO. REFUSE. RHOGAM. But these women were treating her like a low-life child abuser for even questioning the possible mercury in it.

I answered her and told her to ask her OB to order a mercury-free version of Rhogam before her 28 week appointment (I've never needed Rhogam as I am Rh+, but I have researched this topic specifically for mothers who ask me about this), that Bayer Pharmaceuticals makes it, and to read the package insert before she gets the shot. Ta-da! Now baby won't get any mercury and baby's future siblings won't have to worry about her body attacking them due to RH sensitization. Simple solution!

Why people are so freaking black-and-white or all-or-nothing is beyond me.

Off my well-worn soapbox now; thank you for letting me vent.

At 10:25 AM, February 14, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

Vent away any time... I'm honored to offer my blog to you as your soap box!!!

Aaahh, those parenting boards full of passive-aggressive Polyanna, keeping up with the Joneses mommas. May reality never burst their pink/blue/pale green/ducky decorated bubble.. But you wanna bet how many of those are gonna end up with Post Partum Depression when real life starts to creep in?

On behalf of an Rh- momma who had FOUR mercury loaded Rhogam shots, as well as 2 mercury loaded flu shots (yes, that would be me - heck, I was f#cking clueless..), I thank you for reaching out to that Rh- mom with the severely autistic brother. You made a difference, never forget that.

People fear what they do not understand, what they cannot grasp (emotionally or intelllectually). And quite a few folks, when scared, lash out.. in the most nasty way you can imagine.
I don't visit mainstream parenting boards anymore. I need to shield myself from any and all forms of emotional vampirism.

Heck, I can't even stomach quite a few biomed boards anymore - as I find the same kind of judgemental crap going on there - oh, little Johnie is not responding to Valtrex? Oh, then YOU did something wrong. Oh, little Mary is going kooky on methyl B12 shots? Well, it can't be the MB12, it must be yeast.
Yeast, yeast, yeast, yeast - seems to be the standard answer to anything that happens to our kids. And for quite a few it is, but not for all...

Hello? Our kids are individuals? Some interventions will work well for Suzy, but not for Mary. Others will work great for Johnie but not for Vince. That's because all these kids have different biochemistry disorders and are going to need different things.

[I for one never even considered putting my kids on Methyl B12. It would have been a total disaster. Now they both do very very well with HydroxyB12. But that's because I KNOW their biochemistry and their underlying metabolic issues]

Thanks for now letting ME get on my soapbox.

At 12:56 AM, February 15, 2009 , Anonymous navywifeandmom said...

Petra, I have a question about MethylB-12.

We have been doing MethylB-12 since January 20th as a trial. Pumpkin Pie gets a shot in her rump every three nights after she goes to bed. I asked on the autism support board I am on (THOSE women are for the most part really cool; it's the due date clubs where all the airheads hang out) how long it takes before you know if your child is a responder to B-12. One mom whose child responded said it took about 5-6 weeks and it was like an overall global improvement in his functioning.

The day after Pumpkin Pie's first shot she was VERY VERY hyper. Not irritable or cranky, but almost manic, I kid you not. Happy, bouncy, jumping up and down making happy squealy noises all day long. She was like "Yee-haw B-12, goood stuff!!" kind of happy. I figured I went in at the wrong angle and got it into the muscle instead of the fat. I have readjusted the angle and she's never been hyper like that since.

One thing she DID begin doing since I began the shots was night-waking again, especially the night of the shot. I thought we had nipped that in the bud with her antifungal treatments, but she began popping up at 3 a.m. and bouncing all over the bed again like she used to do; NOT fun. I did some research on the University of Google and discovered that sometimes night waking can happen initially with MB-12 shots and to hang in there.

Well, I am hanging in there, it has been three weeks and she is still night waking but that is starting to fade and she is sleeping again.

She sees a DAN! doctor but I am wondering if we shouldn't shell out the bucks and do Yasko testing so that we can get her genes into the picture to know how to supplement her in a way that's best for her.

Now, Pumpkin Pie is a BIG yeast kid. I know you said all kids are not yeast kids and I agree, but Pumpkin Pie is without a doubt. Within three days of beginning antifungal treatments the red ring around her bottom disappeared, you could literally SEE the puffiness under her eyes go away; it was creepy how dramatic the difference was. And she slept. Oh, how the poor girl slept soundly; she SNORED for the first time EVER in her life. I felt so incredibly guilty because she had sleep issues for so long.

We are alternating between Ampho-B and Nystatin. Well, the yeast got resistant to the Nystatin and her circles returned under her eyes. I have her back on Ampho-B and she is improving already again in the circles-under-the-eye department. I wonder what on earth we are going to do about her yeast, though. She has a NASTY strain that is resistant to almost everything and she cannot take antifungals forever.

I am wondering if I shouldn't push to chelate her. Obviously something in her body is keeping her from being able to keep the yeast in check.

At 9:32 AM, February 15, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

I'm gonna try to track down an email address for you to answer your question(s). Doing that properly is going to be a blog post in itself!!!

If you happen to read this BEFORE I can reply to you, email me please at

Salamander definitely goes manic when he gets too many methyl donors. Can you talk to your DAN! about trailing HydroxyB12 in your next batch?

At 7:40 PM, February 15, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

Shoot, realized there is a double period in my email address. It's

Have been trying to find an email for you. No luck. If I don't figure out a way to get in touch with you 'off blog', then I'll dedicate a blog post to answering your questions..

At 1:07 AM, February 17, 2009 , Anonymous navywifeandmom said...

I'm sorry you cannot find my e-mail address; it's

I hate Wordpress; it is so hard to navigate around and update my template. I cannot stand it, but dh wanted me to be on Wordpress instead of Google Blogger, said Wordpress was more "secure" (whatever). Yeah, it is so secure that dingbats like myself cannot even change the TITLE of their OWN BLOG without jumping through a million hoops. I've also gotten several e-mails from people saying they are having a hard time posting in the comments section. ARRRGH! I want to change my blog title from "All Sorts of Things" to "She's 1 in 150, but She's More than a Number" since my blog is rapidly becoming mostly about Pumpkin Pie. I do NOT want to change the URL, just the blog title, but dh told me that I can do it but it isn't easy to do and I'll need his help.

I say when HE writes a blog then HE can pick the friggin host!


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