Wednesday, February 11, 2009

't Is a blessing that some of Salamander's team members have (now older) kids with ASD themselves.

You can be trained on how kids with ASD present, you can get degrees in special education and child development, you can have worked with them for umpteen years. You really do not 'get' what it's like until you are raising one (or more) of your own - it makes you very present to their day to day struggles. It makes you realize that what may look like a small issue is not such a small issue at all.

[of course there are a few, rare, exceptions in my and the boys' life who do not have ASD kids or even ASD family members themselves but who still completely and totally 'get it'. Those are true GEMS. You know who you are.. LOL.. as I ain't shy about expressing that sentiment].

Things are moving in the right direction with Salamander's current issues at school....

I was very angry and frustrated last night, but TG I decided to NOT email school last nite. Instead, I 'slept' on things (well, not much sleeping happened actually) and approached things with a 'cooler, calmer' mind this morning. And while at first it didn't look like what I was trying to explain about Salamander was completely 'registering', I think thanks to the TEAM members I mentioned earlier, the message was received and worked with accordingly...

We'll see, we'll see... TG it's almost February break..


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