Saturday, March 07, 2009

It's Cinco de Linco WEEKEND!!!!

UPDATE.. UPDATE.. UPDATE.... Saturday March 7, 2009 9 am
So far, approximately $830 in loan contributions have come in. This is just mindboggling AWESOME.

And we'll keep on keeping on.

UPDATE.. UPDATE.. UPDATE... Friday March 6, approx noon time
Aydan's loan is FUNDED!!! Heehaw!!!
Close to $700 in loan contributions received so far..

UPDATE.. UPDATE.. UPDATE...Friday March 6, 2009 9 am
Looks like close to $600 came in yesterday... which is INCREDIBLE!!!

I'd love to see this continue today (and maybe even over the weekend?). Especially Aydan is getting so close to having his loan fully funded, he is only $115 away....

And the Cinco de Linco fundraiser was just extended to continue over the weekend...

on Lend4Health!!! The whole Cinco de Linco idea sprouted from my friend Jeanne about, what, six months ago and has been quite successful in giving the fund raisin' a boost.

There are currently six loans active on Lend4Health. Some of the kids are close to having their loan requests filled, and really, when you break the outstanding amounts down and a bunch of people go in for a $5 loan... Magic will happen.

For example, Ayden B is only $230 away from having his loan request filled. That's only 46 people each contributing $5. Similarly, Jordan is only $297 away...

Please pop over and contribute what you can.

Thanks in advance!!

WOW - we already raised $150 in Cinco de Linco loans. That's AWESOME!!! Keep it up.

Lots o Loans have been coming in today (I'll update with total amounts later). Keep 'em coming..


At 9:22 AM, March 05, 2009 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

Thanks for putting this up! :-)


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