Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sorry for not posting much these past several days.. Lots going on, but little time to write about it.

Boys are doing 'OK' health wise. Salamander's cough has come back (which worries me..) and his energy levels continue to fluctuate (he is loving the HB12 shots, is asking for them, but it's a catch 22. More HB12 initially means more energy, more 'aware and on', but then detox starts and I can see the energy levels drop again. It's very tough to watch). Potatey is being a complete pill; very sensitive, easily upset, anxious. I'm 99.9% sure that his detox is up again.

I am still coughing too.. antibiotics helped a little, but I am most definitely not where I need to be. And I am tired, tired, tired (I do have a doctor's appt tomorrow, I'll request a full thyroid work up, maybe some adrenal gland and hormonal work too).

Well, off I go to clean up my very messy house and then off to work on site at a client for the day..

(my new washing machine will be delivered next Monday.. I can't WAIT!!) And the L4H fundraiser was a roaring success. Two loan requests were completely funded).


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