Monday, April 06, 2009

Real quick.. we continue to ride the roller coaster here.. Salamander still struggling health wise. His sinus congestion is just MASSIVE. I need to get him a Netti Pot. Coughing fits better (so at least the ABs + massive naturals program had some effect), but I am afraid that unless I get the sinus congestion under control, the coughing fits will come back.

Salamander's lead detox is way up. WAY up. Not sure if that's direct effect of HB12 shots or *simply* certain blocks in his metabolic pathways finally getting unblocked. It really doesn't matter in the end, as I see (and so does Salamander) see so much good stuff from the HB12 shots that we'll be continuing these for a while. While my heart breaks for Salamander (as lead detox always makes his bone/joint aches flare, and he gets a lot more 'ants under the skin', jumping bean, snarly), this lead MUST come out. We (me + Salamander's docs) are all in agreement that lead toxicity (together with aluminum) is a big piece in his mito issues, so I'm glad to 'see it flow'.

Gotta run now. Lots of stuff to get finished up and before I know it it'll be 3.15 pm and the boyos will be bouncing off the bus again.

Oh, and Salamander's birthday was an incredibly awesome success!!


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