Monday, March 23, 2009

Am hanging in. Just working through some stuff...

That gosh dang cough came back, which is not helping. I am trying something different this time - I started a full-out antiviral/antibacterial assault - I am currently taking caprylic acid (2 x day), OLE (2x day), Moducare (1 x day), Super Immune Boost (cocktail of arabinogalactan, OLE, beta glucan, colostrum), and GSE (1 drop 3 x day) to hopefully give my immune system enough of a boast to wipe whatever this bug is OUT. It is working, ever so slowly, but man, it's also making me bone and bone tired (major viral detox). And as I was already dragging ass...

Busy weekend. Potatey's birthday party yesterday afternoon was a rip roaring (literally - 14 kids of various shapes, sizes and ages running amok) success. When Potatey fell asleep last nite, he said to me "Mom, this was the funnest afternoon ever. But if you don't mind, I really want to go to sleep now." LOL

I'll post more about the birthday party later. I have tons of great pictures; I had arranged for a presentation by the folks from Curious Creatures [too lazy to add a linky thingy right now, just google them OK?]. Let's just say that especially the Tarantula, the (juvenile) Alligator, and various Boa Constrictors were very well received by the (mostly boy) party crowd.

Be patient with me for a little while. My postings will probably by sporadic (and erratic??). I have another busy week ahead (today is already turning particularly insane), and as getting things done takes a lot of effort right now, I need to use my energy wisely.

TTYL (or as Tigger would say "Ta ta, for now..")

P.S. Have to add two more thought. While my little family's life may be "unusual, unconventional, challenging, difficult, different, strange, weird" or whatever label "polite society" wants to stick on it.. I'll take it ANY DAY over a "normal" family life. I got to observe up close and personal how so-called "normal" families (dys?)function. Especially after "listening in" for a bit on some of the conversations between the "normal" moms.. Aaacckk.. "Stepford Wives"...
Even IF Salamander were ever to recover to "indistinguishable from NT" point (which would also mean no more dietary interventions, no more supplements etc - highly unlikely, I know), I know I will always feel "like a fish out of water" amongst the "normal moms".

Oh, and amongst Potatey's visitors I certainly got to watch certain "pediatric healthcare statistics" in action. There were at least 2 little guys who are showing signs of heading into full blown ADHD, 1 little guy who was so obviously on the spectrum (parents do not realize it) that it was painful to watch, 1 little guy that seemed to be suffering from exercise induced asthma, 1 little guy who has survived childhood cancer, my own diagnosed spectrum boy (Salamander), my own food allergies etc boy (Potatey), my friend David's little girl who is on the spectrum, 1 beautiful young lady with Celiac Disease. We had 14 kids in total over, and at least 9 of these kids had something going on... (and of those remaining 5 "normal" ones, two looked very very unhealthy..)


At 11:07 PM, March 23, 2009 , Blogger K Fuller said...

I cant imagine having that many kids in the house at one time! You are one brave Mamma.
And spiders and snakes too??
Good for you.
I am sorry your cough came back, have you read the news about Whooping cough?

At 8:45 AM, March 24, 2009 , Blogger Petra said...

Thanks K. Potatey's party certainly was an adventure (and in another 2 weeks Salamander will be having HIS - 13 boys ranging from 10 - 12 yrs. Now managing THAT will require some serious bravery..).

I wondered about Pertussis. Yes, I did hear about the *outbreaks*.. I've heard about situations before where the vaccinations apparently didn't work so well. I think my mom came down with a Pertussis strain quite a few years ago when she was still working in special ed. Turned out to be a strain that the Western European vaccinations didn't cover for. My current supplement regimen does seem to 'break up' things a bit (at least the cough is becoming more *productive*), but if by Thursday things have not progressed, I'll be off to the docs again.. and will request to be tested for Pertussis.

At 7:13 AM, March 25, 2009 , Blogger AUTISM,HBOT, said...

Hi Petra just to thank you for your donations in helping Geoffrey on Lend4 health .Just gives us a boost to think some people out and about are trying to help others (you know what its like ) one mountain after another .

P.S. have you tried Colloidal Silver for your cough its a anti-bacterial pathogen etc killer..

All the Best

Gus Geoffreys dad


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