Monday, March 16, 2009

Salamander doing much better. Fever free, (almost) goop free (Long Live Xlear Xylitol Nasal Wash!!), in a great mood and ready to go off to school.

Potatey had a good nite sleep (but was a major league cranky pants getting up. Funny thing, in the weekend he's up before the darn birds have even considered waking up. During the week? Can't get him out of bed..). H had no night mares, no being afraid of his own shadow, no being terrified of even the slightest little noise in the house (we live in a house that was built in 1900, noises are thereby a given). I have hopes that he has survived the trauma of watching a very scare and intense PG-13 movie (%$#^&($%!!!) relatively unscathed.
Note to self: do not EVER leave selection of an APPROPRIATE movie up to the other "parent"

Old clunker washing machine disconnected, pipes and tubes drained from water. Ready for my new one to arrive (already have lots of laundry to run through the beastie once it (he/she??) arrives). We have been living in this house for almost 7 years now, and no, I do NOT typically clean up BEHIND the washing machine. But what I found there today makes me want to seriously rethink that decision. GAAAAAAAAH!!

About to climb into the phone to schedule a slew of medical appointments. I tried on Friday afternoon, but despite the wonders of the electronic age, I hit a solid brick wall and got absolutely nowhere (I am scheduling all my appointments within the same hospital conglomerate so you'd think the various satellite offices would be "wired" into the main hospital and have access to my medical files.. Well, think again. NOT!!).

Then I have a bunch of paying work assignments to get completed, and I am sure that by the time that's all done it'll be pretty darn close to the time that my boys will come bouncing off the school bus again.

Catch you all later....

9:40 am - One set of follow up appointments scheduled. Only took 30 minutes. "So sorry, your doctor hasn't sent the paperwork yet, we can't schedule." "Now that's interesting because when I talked with her last week Thursday afternoon, she said she had put the requisitions directly into the [insert hospital] system." "Oh, let me look in our on-line system then." Me muttering under my breath "yeah, why don't you do that. Isn't that where you should have looked in the first place?" Oy...

3 more follow up appointments left to schedule. At this pace, I'll have them all scheduled by around lunch time today...


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