Sunday, March 15, 2009

Loosing what precious little is left of my sanity....

Salamander has a sinus infection. Not sure if it's a flare up of the previous one (aka Zithro didn't catch it all), or a new one.

Regardless, I have a tough decision to make. Do I refill the Zithro script and blast the critters one more time, or do I step up on my homeopathics/naturals program and give it a few days?

I just want for Salamander to be well. His immune system is having a rough time of it this winter, and I just cannot seem to help him get on solid ground (and all these illnesses are doing a terrible number on his already fragile energy levels..)/

(and I can't help but wonder if that fluke lead exposure he had back in July 08 is what is at the bottom of his 'immune system crash'. Especially as past winters have been so much easier, and nothing else has really changed. Unless approaching puberty is having that much of an effect...)

8 pm update - Salamander is doing better. So far, increasing the homeopathics/naturals seems to have a positive effect, so I'll play it 'by ear' a few more days. I'm prayin' that the improvement will hold..
It was a wonderfully glorious, early spring day out here, so the boys spent most of it outside, soaking up the sun, breathing in (relatively.. LOL) clean air. They are both utterly pooped, rosy cheeked and bright eyed. And I got a chance to air out the entire house..


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