Saturday, May 02, 2009

Totally Random...

A day that started pouring rain turned gorgeous.

Boys are having a good day (now of course the moment I write that, they'll start killing each other.. LOL)

Got myself a steam mop yesterday and am luvin' it.

Want to see "Wolverine" again (Hugh Jackman was tweeting quite a bit last nite thanking fans for all the nice messages he got. Yes, he's on twitter. And yes, I follow his tweets. And yes, his profile picture is gorgeous. So what?)

Started a pot roast for dinner and my house is smelling delish.

Got great pics of the boys today and sent them to my entire circle of friends (yes, I bragged. So what?).

Finally booked my flights to Chicago for AutismOne (swine flu travel advisories be damned). Arriving in Chicago late on Wednesday May 20th, flying back home on Sunday May 24th (and yes, already hyperventilating over leaving my boys for that long...). If you're going (and I know that quite a few of you are), email me a phone number and we'll get together somehow.

I'm going to sit outside, while wearing SPF 70 sunblock as I have a raging case of sun allergy.



I think I just hurt myself laughing so hard.

Picture my two bandits, in the playhouse in the backyard. Signing from the top of their lungs and shaking their booties:

"I'm a barbie girl.
In a barbie world.
I am made of plastic.
Isn't that fantastic"

[don't ask me WHERE they go that.. School bus, school play ground?]


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