Monday, December 07, 2009

Oy Vey...

Boys & I are doing good. LOOOOONG day ahead for me (so much paying work to get caught up on... well, $$ in the bank, eh?)

Wondering if anybody ever attempted plasmapheresis to switch out blood plasma with a straight caffeine solution. Am sure gonna need it to keep going today (caffeine & adrenaline & sheer pig headed stubborness is what is keeping me going at this piont.. ain't nothing else left.. ah well, this work project should come to an end sometime this week, then I can take maybe a half day to *go down in flames*..)

CRAZY work day.. and still at it... will be another all niter me thinks. Been ignoring my poor boys all afternoon.. they've done a good job at entertaining themselves.. however, involving waay more *electronics* time than I would have preferred (yup, momma guilt). But momma's gotta get this job done.. less than 24 hours... away from deadline and I am so friggin' far behind..

20.5 h from deadline... Boys are NOT happy with me for having *ignored* them since they came home from school. They understand, but they're not liking it... If only I hadn't fallen so incredibly far behind.. (note to self: a difficult separation, two *hi need* kiddos and a very challenging work project are definitely NOT a good combination..)


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