Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After....

Collection of thoughts from the day:

Post excess glutamate, protein, sulphur, oxalate hangover here. Salamander is a mess, Potatey is doing OK (just very zippy and slurred/hyper drive speed), I'm OK too (as I didn't eat that much). Anybody who has a hard time *believing* that autism could be a manifestation of a brain/body chemistry/metabolic disorder, feel fee to stop by today and observe for yourself..

Salamander has brain fog, word retrieval issues, very sad/weepy, sulphur stink oozing out of his skin, moves in slow motion, can't think his way out of cardboard box, no endurance, low muscle tone, grey pasty skin, purple eye circles, bloated belly, stomach ache, absolutely SOAKED the bed last nite (3 times).
Sure, this sh#t is just all *behavioral and hardcoded in to the brain*.

Now he overindulged, but not to the extreme (as all foods I made are within the *food* restrictions, just not necessarily within the *food component* restrictions). His metabolism is just so GD fragile (I mean, how sad is it that this kid can't even enjoy a holiday meal without paying for it the next day... ).

Yeah, I'm mad. I knew that this was going to happen, was fully prepared for it (or so I thought), I'm just mad that it has to be this way for him.. It is NOT fair.

I am not *blind* to the fact that there are probably cases of autism that are purely genetic/hard coded in the brain. I am also not denying that the medical issues that S deals with that present outwardly as *autism* have a genetic component to them. But trusts me, none of stuff Salamander*presents with* today can be fixed with a behavioral approach (sure, I'm just going to ABA sulphur and glutamate issues right out of him..)...

Irony in all of this? My boys' dad's insistence that he has 'none of this weird, you're just imagining things' going on.He just put in an appearance..shows all the *classic* glutamate toxicity & dopamine/serotonin dysregulation signs. Sure, I'm just imagining things.. whatever..

Boys decided to have a 'Pajama Llama' day (fine by me); building another fire (weather is miserable out here today); I think this afternoon will be perfect for watching a movie together..

Turkey bone broth came out AWESOME! Turkey noodle soup for dinner tonite (thanks Dana, for that idea).

Tally for today - me? 4 loads of laundry, ran dishwasher 3 x already, mixed siupplements for the entire day, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, cleaned kitchen at least twice, various snacks, gave S a bath, making turkey noodle soup, paid a load of bills. Other *adult* in the house? Disappear for *errands*, sleep, drink beer.

Frustrating day, very frustrating day. Now off to work on letting go of my frustration, anger, resentment etc so I don't carry those emotions over into tomorrow.....


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