Saturday, March 29, 2008

Help Restore..

a girl's already severely tarnished faith in the adult male species...

Please, please, please tell me that what I am going to describe is not just part of the adult package, but very much associated with one particular member of the adult male species.

I left my house for about 3 hours to go to the Whole Foods Market to do my 'every 3 week replenish food supplies for the boyos' run. While my house wasn't spotless, it wasn't trashed either. And all the 'adult' had to do while I was gone was feed the boyos their lunch (most of the prepping had already been done by yours truly).

I walk back into the house and my kitchen is TRASHED. Guess somebody forgot to inform the 'adult in charge' that cleaning up IS part of the 'feeding job'. And what really irks me is that I know that the boyos, of the time that I was gone, spent at least an hour in front of the TV, so it's not that they kept the 'adult' so busy that clean up couldn't be done......

Sjeesh Louise......

Off to decontaminate my kitchen.. :(


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