Sunday, March 30, 2008

Linking Back...

I had another opportunity this AM to read through something I had linked to on Friday. And I am going to link to it again as the message is too important to get buried ....

The blog entry that I am refering to is loooooong, but so incredibly worth the read... I don't think many of us that live through what we live through on a daily basis have many illusions left when it comes to whether or not all treatments pushed by mainstream medicine (read: pharmaceutical industry with a HUGE marketing budget) actually deliver what they promise.

But for those of you that haven't lived throught the nighmare of what happens when your loved one responds adversely to a medical intervention that has been promoted for many years as the Gospel Truth, please, please, please read this.

Yes, absolutely, to err is human. And no test protocols or studies can account for every single possible permutation of susceptibilities. But to keep denying, when reports of adverse events are mounting, that there is a problem that needs further investigation, now that is UTTER STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE (and as the tobacco industry can testify to, the truth eventually will come out and bite you in the A$$....)


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