Thursday, January 01, 2009

More New Year's Eve stuff (and it was kind of a DUD) later...

Here's a pretty funny (hey, I AM a twisted sister) exchange of comments on the topic of "New Year's Eve, autie/special needs parent" style.

Added at 1.50 pm:
Sh#t, sh#t, sh#t - I KNEW that letting the boys stay up late was a bad idea (especially Salamander needs a ton of sleep; and with his bipolar tendencies, not getting enough sleep means 'claws out', hissy, spitty, snarly, surly....; Potatey is handling the 'less sleep' not too great either - he definitely has a burr up his six..).
So since about 9 am this morning I have been trying to keep Snarly 1 and Snarly 2 separated.. Oh joy (yup, it's a DEFCON 2 day..).

I am going to feed the Snarlies a quick bite, and then I'll take 'em sledding. If they have to 'attack' something, I'd rather have it be a pile of snow (then each other, or me...)



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