Friday, October 09, 2009

Sorry for not having posted much.. I have plenty to write about, plenty to say, but just not enough time to put cohesive posts together.

Boys are doing OK.. settled into school... Salamander is doing really really well, Potatey is having a bit more trouble getting adjusted...which surprises me, and is something I need to keep an eye on.

Me? Hanging in. The boys keep me going, they are my reasons for getting out of bed in the morning.

I know, no I HAVE to hang on to believing, that sometime in the not too distant future all of the current B..S.. will come to an end. So I can pick up the pieces, and move forward. So I can be the best I can be for my boys.

In the mean time, all I can do is hang on, put what little pieces I can control in the proper place, make progress and complete what little things I can get resolution on.

Bottom line, XTB needs, no MUST, get a job. Unfortunately, unless I go the *gloves off* legal route at mucho $$$$, I can't make him. There is nothing I or the boys can do to have him snap out of *sulky little boy who is pitching a tantrum because things don't go his way* mode.

All I can do is do what I need to do to be able to take care of my precious boys on my own... and that's gonna take time...


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