Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Good Birthday Party..

So Potatey had a blast, running around in a big indoor playground with a couple of buddies from school and a bunch of neigborhood/town friends. And Salamander was right in there having a blast with him.

I am too pooped to write much about the how, what and when. Suffice to say, I DID manage to get the goodie bag crisis resolved last nite; baked 24 cupcakes (from scratch, allergen free, thank you very much), frosted them and sprinkled them with (all natural) yellow sugar; bought and prepared allergen free hotdogs (you'll be shocked to learn how many dogs contain undeclared dairy, soy or corn..), got a few extra bags of all natural potato chips (potatoes, sunflower oil and salt; nothing more), etc. etc. etc. And ready we were and off to the party place..

Potatey dove right in.. Salamander got a little stuck on getting game tokens first (but the good ole' 'we'll set the clock for 15 minutes and then we'll go ask that nice lady at the counter' did the trick), and then, once more of Potatey's friends showed up, very nicely shifted into the role of big brother/orchestrator of total mayhem (he's come such a looooong loooooong way, and it really showed today.. ).
Me? I got a chance to actually sit on my butt (I had forgotten that you can actually USE that part of your anatomy for sitting on) and talk with fellow 'grown-ups'. Can you believe that this was actually the very first birthday party in many, many, many years where I wasn't operating on DEFCON 1, ready to execute a pre-emptive strike and exit at Mach 3?
It was nice, really, really nice...

Couple of pics to close.. and then I'm gonna hit the sack and pass out. Salamander is turning 10 (!!) tomorrow (OMG, when I wake up tomorrow morning I'll have a 10 year old). (Sucky part is that the poor kid really doesn't have much of a birthday ahead of him.. more MCAS testing..).

The CupCakes - I fed these to all the monkeys in the zoo.. and not one comment that they 'tasted funny'' (a lot of people seem to think that allergen free foods taste like crap.. ).

My two at the party (yes, what looks like Chewbaka in the corner is actually me.. I soooo need a haircut..)

Oh, and yesterday there was an invation of the Persians.. (Salamander has been reading about the Spartans and King Leonidas - all those boxes that gets shipped into this place on a weekly basis came in very handy..LOL )


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