Saturday, April 26, 2008

THE Best Birthday Present...

My beautiful 10 year old (yes, that would be Salamander) just gave me the best birthday present ever.. I had the pleasure of listening to him being on the phone with a FRIEND having an entirely age appropriate reciprocal conversation. The friend's mom and I have arranged for a playdate for tomorrow, and the two boys absolutely INSISTED on talking on the phone to 'make plans for what we'll do tomorrow'. I even had to tell Salamander, after the conversation had been going on for quite a while. that it was time to 'get off the phone, you guys can talk all you want tomorrow!' Words that I had not EVER expected to roll out of my mouth....

The ability to converse on the phone, in true two-way style, is a new skill for Salamander. I have seen glimpses of it 'come on line' over the past several months.. on his birthday he had a great conversation with a set of grandparents. Today's conversation definitely FAR exceeded that one.

Congratulations, my precious boy.. you've come a long, long way and you'll continue to go far.

P.S. Boys HAVE been driving me crazy since they got up.. they are both a bit on the hyper side of things (which was why, in a way, Salamander talking with his friend for a while was a nice 'break'). The 10 minutes I am taking right now to post this is the first time I sat down since my last post.. they are running me raged!!! (but truth be told, I am loving every minute of it.).

One observation though.. why is it that when DADS celebrate their birthday, they get all the time they want away from their kids/family to do what THEY want to do, and why is that when MOMS have a birthday (notice that I am not writing 'celebrate'), they get to spend THE ENTIRE DAY (as in every single second) WITH their kids 'to celebrate'??? This may be a gross generalization, I don't know....

I love my kids, I do, I do, I do.. but man, a little break, maybe just to go shopping by/for MYSELF for an hour or so later today, would have been nice.... Nice try, no cigar though.... Their other parent truly felt that on 'your birthday you really should have the kids with YOU'...

Oh shoot, it's almost 11.30 am.. time to get organized for lunch as Potatey has soccer at 1 pm this afternoon.

Catch ya all later..


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