Tuesday, January 06, 2009

And That..

my dear readers, was another lovely day on the G.. D.. roller coaster from hell.

Now, (paying) work is going good, real good. The project is coming together, I can now start to envision what the end product will look like. And that is frequently 70% of 'the battle'...

Personal stuff? OMG..
Clean up on Isle 1
Clean up on Isle 2
Clean up on Isle 3
Clean up on Isle 4
Clean up on Ilse 5
Clean up on Isle ...
"Whaddayamean, you can't clean up anymore cr@p? What's -wrong- with you? As you really don't expect ME (you all know which ME I am refering to here, right?) to take care of any of this stuff, do ya?"

[insert me muttering under my breath string of increasingly vile expletives]

If I have any energy left after putting the monkeys to bed, I'll write about the 'fun and games' of today. If I'm too fried, well, I think you can figure out that I am &*&*^%#^&* PISSED!!!!!


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