Monday, January 05, 2009

Another Day..

(and hopefully a chance to make another dollar(s).. LOL)

Potatey went back to school this morning. Salamander will too after his tutoring session at Lindamood-Bell. Both boys seemed OK... but none too keen on going back to school. They'll get back into the routine though, and will probably be the happier for it.

I have to go and scramble and get ready to go a client for the day. It's gonna be a long and crazy busy day (uhm, make that.. it's already been a long and crazy busy day; I've been up since 3.25 am..).

I love having the boys home from school, I do, I do, I do. But it's been almost impossible for me to get any work done....So from that perspective, I AM a little happy that they are back in school so I have a few hours in the DAY (as opposed to the NITE) to get paying work done..



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