Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Caught Between A Rock..

and a hard place..

As I mentioned earlier this week, Salamander's UTM's are finally showing lead again. Now the lead never really disappeared at all, but we were at trace levels. And had been at trace levels for quite a while.

'Earlier on' in implementing Dr. Yasko's protocol for Salamander, he had several big lead dumps, and then a MONSTER one shortly after starting step 2 of her protocol (July 2007). Then lead tapered off (to clarify - Salamander is NOT taking any chelators beyond a small oral dose of EDTA. He is clearing this on his own - and when these clearings happen, oy. Things get intense).

So you would be inclined to think that he's done excreting lead. That he no longer has a lead toxicity problem. But oh he does, he still does. Considering his age (he will be 11 in about a month) and considering several 'residual' issues, he probably has lead deposits in all major organs, as well as his bones and teeth. And it's not so easy to get at those deposits.

But it appears, from this most recent UTM, that something is happening. Salamander has excreted the highest level of lead since May of 2008. And now that we got things flowing, we need to try to keep it going. Which means increasing those supplements that promote lead detox.

Here's the thing.. I just started HB12 shots as well. There were so many signs that Salamander's B12 levels were tanking again, and he already is taking almost every other HB12 form that you can think off (oral, mouth spray, nasal spray, transdermal patch) - in ever increasing amounts and we're not holding steady.

Now the HB12 shots will help with overall detox (bacterial, viral, metals). I don't know yet whether the HB12 shots will have an effect on his overall lead detox (I sent in a UTM yesterday, so I should know in a week).

So I had a decision to make. Do I wait for that UTM to come back and then decide whether to add an additional layer of detox by increasing the lead detox supplements, with that additional detox to hit sometime next week while Salamander is back in school? Or do I increase the lead detox supplements now - and deal with the additional detox NOW while he's still home with me.

I decided to increase one of the lead detox supplements, and I did so yesterday afternoon. He was very happy when he woke up this morning (which was a small miracle of itself - after yesterday's drama, which was none of HIS doing..). Then at around 10.30 am, he 'crashed'. And from how the crash happened, and his behavioral and physical presentations, I know it's detox related.

He actually went back up to his room to 'take a nap' (not sure if he's actually sleeping, or whether he simply needed to withdraw from the non-stop hustle and bustle in the house). I'll check on him in a bit.

My gut tells me that I made the right decision - we need to get at these lead deposits. But considering how quick the response happened, I won't be giving him the extra lead detox supplement today. His body needs to be able to keep up and adjust. Plus he is in an outdoor camp tomorrow and I want for him to have a good time. And we have some fun stuff planned for this weekend, and we still have a homework assignment to complete. And he's due for his next HB12 shot on Friday.

Caught Between A Rock and A Hard Place....
We need to get at those lead (and other nasties) deposits, but at the same time keep the detox at a level that can be managed, to not affect his overall level of functioning too much, to not affect his daily life too much
[and this is one of those times that I wish I had discovered Dr. Amy's protocol when Salamander was 3 or 4, instead of when he was 8..]


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