Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nurtured Heart Approach...

Kyra (This Mom) has been blogging about using the Nurtured Heart approach in all daily interactions with her boy. This post got me truly inspired and wanting to check this out more. I just ordered a whole bunch of books from about the Nurtured Heart approach.

Instinctively, I think I already use a lot of the principles... ever since I changed my approach to Salamander's "oppositional and resistant" behaviors waay back in the days after I read Ross Greene's The Explosive Child (and came to the realization that Salamander was not being oppositional and resistant AT ALL. He was expressing, the only way he knew how at that time, that he just could not do what was asked of him, that he just did not understand what people wanted of him. He was crying for help.).

Ross Greene mentions in a few places "Catch your children being good", and that has always stuck with me (so making big To Do's about things done well has become second nature. I do need to work more on not 'belaboring' when things don't go well.)

Looking forward to reading the books. Will keep you all posted.

[still Infirmary over here. Salamander is home from school for yet another day. Not sure if the antibiotics are kicking in (yet, or whether we need to shift to a different antibiotic). I'll keep a close eye on things. Rash has subsided. It'll be 'interesting' to see if it comes back after the next dose. Potatey continues to do well. TG for small blessings. Me? Don't ask....I'm a wreck...]


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