Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Another Day....

Call from Potatey's 1st grade teacher about an *incident* involving Potatey (yes, Potatey!!). Incident was substantial, we're working thru things. But boy, the combination of 1st grade and incident was enough to throw this momma right back into some really *difficult* (terrible, awful, no good, etc) 1st grade memories involving Salamander.

The joys of a pre-teen with virtually no filter on what comes out of his mouth, plunging headlong into puberty. Salamander yelling from the shower: "Mom, mom, come see. My b@lls are changing. They are no longer little acorns, they are now walnuts!!!"
Too bad.
If I can keep my composure through this (although a somewhat hysterical snort did escape me), so can you..

A lady commenting to me earlier today, that I was *giggly*.
OK, lady, you'd rather have me break out in maniacal laughter?? I can do that too, quite well actually...

Oh, and did I mention that my refrigerator croaked??

And that my trusted VW Jetta, now having exceeded 105,000 miles, is slowly falling apart on me?

Just another day, just another day....


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