Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm Better...

this AM (amazing what a few hours of sleep can do to your outlook). Still pissed, but better.

So now I need to take a deep breath and tackle residual issues, including some stuff that happened with Salamander at school yesterday that could and should have been dealt with yesterday by a certain someone (as he was picking Salamander up from school to go to Lindamood-Bell and thereby was the first to be made aware of what happened.). But of course not.. issues involving the kids you simply don't touch with a ten foot pool. Nope, you let them fester for the mother of your children to mop up .... HOURS after the fact...

And worse, you tell your child with a spectrum disorder who is very much finding his way in navigating the complexities of social interactions (and let me tell you 5th graders are TOUGH) to do 'what you think is best' in addressing an ambiguous social interaction.
Salamander does not know what is 'the best thing to do', he had trouble figuring out WHAT to do. PERIOD. A little coaching and scaffolding would have been helpful here..

Icing on the cake? Due to a variety of issues at school, Salamander had a beaut of a 'blow up' , just as a certain someone was picking him up from school. What does that certain someone say to me as I get a download of the details; "It was good that Mrs. XYZ was there when it all happened, so she could take care of things." OMG. Yeah, for Salamander it probably was a good thing that Mrs. XYZ was there, but hello? She shouldn't have had to be the one stepping in to help Salamander!!!

Oy... clueless....

[50+ books I have, addressing a variety of issues that kids like Salamander struggle with, including suggestions on what is helpful and what isn't. Ya think a certain someone ever even opened ONE of them?]

Well, off to do more mopping up, and then on to paying work...


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